Endorsements are a testament of trust and support for a candidate.

Ty has a strong base of supporters.  The endorsements listed here have fully supported his passion for strong leadership, safe communities, and accountability.  Ty’s character, education, training, and strong career experience working in the Sheriff’s Office have convinced supporters of Ty’s commitment and proven ability to lead the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office.

Snohomish County Leaders
Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Council
Terry Ryan, Snohomish County Council
Brian Sullivan, Snohomish County Council
Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Council
Sam Low, Snohomish County Council
Dave Somers, Snohomish County Executive

Criminal Justice Leaders
Adam Cornell, Snohomish County Prosecutors elect
Mark Roe, Snohomish County Prosecutor
Dan Templeman – Chief of Police Everett

State Leaders
Senator Marko Liias
Senator Guy Palumbo
Representative John Lovick
Representative Lilian Ortiz-Self
Representative June Robinson
Representative Strom Peterson

Snohomish County Mayors & Council Members
Mayor Cassie Franklin, City of Everett
Mayor Jon Nehring, City of Marysville
Mayor Leonard Kelly, City of Stanwood
Council Member Dianne White, City of Stanwoo